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Todd and Julie Chrisley pleaded not guilty to tax evasion and other federal charges in a Georgia court on Wednesday. The stars of Chrisley Knows Best surrendered to authorities earlier in the day. According to reports, Todd and Julie were each released on $100,000 unsecured appearance bonds. A federal judge ruled their travel will be restricted to Atlanta, parts of Tennessee and California where they can film their reality show; however, the couple must notify their probation officers first. Todd appeared happy leaving court, Julie more stoic, in a video obtained by TMZ. "We're going to fight it and we're going to win it," the Chrisleys' lawyer said. "They are innocent of every single charge."

A Georgia sheriff’s deputy has been fired and arrested alongside his fiancée after they were filmed cursing out a neighbor who had ask them to keep the noise down, Atlanta’s Fox 5 reports. Haley Truncer, the neighbor living in the same Cartersville, Ga., apartment complex as Brison Strickland, 28, and Kristen Smith, 28, knocked on the couple’s door to ask them to turn down their music. Truncer, who filmed the incident, said it was after midnight and that the noise was keeping her young nephew awake. “There was music and stomping and a microphone, like there was some karaoke going on,” she told Fox 5. Her footage shows Smith and then Strickland — who were joined by an unidentified child — telling her to “f*** off” and demand to know where she lives. When Truncer threatens to call the police, they respond, “We are the f****** police, b****” and appear to lunge at her. Truncer posted the footage on Facebook last Sunday, calling out the Bartow County Sheriff’s Office for employing Strickland. “THIS GUY is a perfect example of a crooked officer, who clearly abuses his power,” she wrote. “THIS GUY is trash.” (She later edited her post to defend herself against accusations of being anti-cop or having racist intentions.)

The family of the man accused of killing nine people during a mass shooting in Dayton, Ohio, has posted an obituary praising the 24-year-old as “funny” and “articulate”, but without a mention of the victims that included his own sister. The obituary, which is topped with a smiling photo of the alleged mass murderer, was posted on the website for the Conner & Koch funeral home in Bellbrooke, Ohio. "A funny, articulate and intelligent man with striking blue eyes and a kind smile, Connor Stephen Betts, age 24, of Bellbrook, passed away Sunday, August 4th, 2019," the obituary begins. Ohio gunman's family posts obituary for shooter praising him as 'funny' and 'articulate' Ohio gunman's family posts obituary for shooter praising him as 'funny' and 'articulate' A separate obituary for his sister, 22-year-old Megan Betts, was also posted on the website, and does not mention the man who allegedly killed her. “If it’s on our website, it’s real,” Brian Koch, the funeral director, told The Independent when reached by phone. Connor Betts, 24, has been accused of opening fire just outside of a Dayton bar two weeks ago, killing nine people including his younger sister during a rampage that lasted just under 30 seconds before police killed him. He was armed with a .223-calibre high-capacity rifle, and 100-round drum magazines. He fired 41 shots during that 30-second timespan, according to police. Since his death, Betts has been described by officials and people who knew him as a young man who was obsessed with violence and mass shootings, and one who had expressed interest in such an attack before carrying one out himself. His posts online have appeared to support that claim. He was “very specifically seeking out information that promotes violence,” FBI special agent in charge Todd Wickerman said. The Betts family has said in statements to the media that they were “shocked and devastated” by what had happened. The obituary posted online makes no mention of the mass shooting Betts has been accused of, and instead describes him as an avid reader, a lover of music “of all different kinds”, and an individual whose favourite television show was “Bob’s Burgers”. Both the obituary for the brother and sister say they were “preceded in death by … beloved Nana”. “Connor will be missed immensely by his friends, family, and especially his good dog Teddy,” the accused shooter’s obituary reads. Megan’s obituary includes a similar line. image

Celebrity Bam Margera Arrested in Connection with Trespassing After Reportedly Checking Out of Rehab People Aurelie Corinthios,People 7 hours ago Reactions Reblog on Tumblr Share Tweet Email Scroll back up to restore default view. Bam Margera was arrested Tuesday night in Los Angeles. The former Jackass star was arrested in connection with trespassing just before midnight at a hotel in Los Angeles, a spokesperson for the Los Angeles Police Department tells PEOPLE. According to the L.A. County inmate information center, he was booked at 2:30 a.m. and is being held on a $1,000 bail. In video obtained by TMZ, which was the first to report the news, Margera, 39, can be seen sitting on the floor of the hotel lobby, seemingly refusing to leave the premises. According to TMZ, a hotel staffer placed him under citizen’s arrest before cops arrived. A rep for Margera was unable to be reached. The arrest comes just over a week after the pro skateboarder posted a series of emotional and expletive-filled videos on Instagram, begging Dr. Phil McGraw for help. Mike McGregor/Getty Images; Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images In the videos, he told Dr. Phil that he’s seen 28 doctors and attended four rehab programs, none of which have seemed to help. He also claimed to have “disowned” his mother, April Margera, and said he couldn’t “stand” his wife Nicole Boyd and feared she would use their 18-month-old son as “bait” in a separation battle. RELATED: Jackass Star Bam Margera Checks into Rehab After Getting Arrested for DUI According to TMZ, Margera agreed to seek treatment last week after an intense session with Dr. Phil in which April and Boyd confronted him about his substance abuse. He reportedly entered a treatment facility but checked out within days. On Tuesday, he posted a video of himself getting Dr. Phil’s name tattooed on his neck and thanked him for trying to get him help. “I’ve got to pay my respects to Dr. Phil,” he said. “I mean, I cried out on the interweb at 7:00 a.m. and that very morning his team was there in Austin, Texas, to get me first class [tickets] to go to L.A. to get me some help.” PEOPLE has reached out to Dr. Phil for comment.

Politics U.S. Rep. Steve King: If not for rape and incest, 'would there be any population left?' USA TODAY Robin Opsahl,USA TODAY 6 hours ago Reactions Reblog on Tumblr Share Tweet Email Scroll back up to restore default view. Rep. Steve King told an Iowa crowd Wednesday that humanity might not exist if not for rape and incest throughout human history. "What if we went back through all the family trees and just pulled those people out that were products of rape or incest? Would there be any population of the world left if we did that?" he said at the Westside Conservative Club in Urbandale, Iowa. "Considering all the wars and all the rapes and pillages taken place and whatever happened to culture after society I know I can't certify that I'm not a part of a product of that." The Republican was discussing his defense of not allowing exceptions for rape and incest in the anti-abortion legislation he tried to pass in Congress. Republican leadership had prevented bills he sponsored on banning abortions from advancing through the House, despite GOP support for the measures, King said. Just because a conception happened in bad circumstances doesn't mean the result isn't a person, King, who is Catholic, argued. "It's not the baby's fault for the sin of the father, or of the mother," he said. King went over his positions on abortion and a variety of other issues including immigration and guns. He also discussed the criticism he faced over a story in The New York Times in which he asked “white nationalist, white supremacist, Western civilization — how did that language become offensive?” King said he was told by political insiders that there was a plot to take him out of power. "People think it was an organic media feeding frenzy, but no, it was orchestrated from the beginning," he said. "They had told me, heads up before Christmas, they're going to try to drive you out of office and get you to resign. Within 24 hours, you had people saying 'resign, resign, resign.' Why? Because the New York Times misquoted me?" King said there was a plan for President Donald Trump to criticize him as well, but he met with Trump and said there's "no signal from Donald Trump that he's anything other than supportive of me." That didn't stop other members of his party from coming after him, he said. Multiple high-level Republicans decried King's comments in January and others publicly supported Feenstra in the primary. King was also removed from his House committee assignments by U.S. House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy. Later in January, the House passed a condemnation of white supremacy and white nationalism. While he does not support the "odious ideology" of white nationalism, King said he supports his defense of the West, calling the United States "the flagship for Western civilization." More: Steve King says all cultures do not contribute equally, to claim otherwise is to devalue the 'founding fathers' Some Westside Conservative Club members, like Rick Herron, a 72-year-old Clive resident, said they liked what King had to say. Herron said he has been a supporter of King's policies in the past, but was glad to get the chance to hear the "white nationalism" controversy story from his perspective. "I did get a little better understanding of what he went through, in terms of the 'Never Trumpers' attack on him and setting him up for condemnation," Herron said. "You expect the Democrats to attack him, but not the Never Trumpers, members of his own party."

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